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Behind the Scenes of My First Photoshoot

I wanted to share this experience with you because honestly, I had an amazing time. I genuinely loved the atmosphere that was created for me to shine in my photos. I channeled every season of Top Model I could remember and it turned out amazing.I did have a breakout the week of the shoot, but just speaking honestly... the pictures still turned out amazing. You know why? Because they displayed the real me. The acne-prone, fun-loving, show-stopping... ME! I have another photo shoot scheduled this month and I already started working on my skin so at least it can be a little healthier this time. I didn't realize that the pictures were the missing link to me elevating my brand....

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Money Talk Monday with Kristyn Alexis. How This Youtuber Eliminated $10K Of Debt During A Pandemic

Allow me to introduce my homegirl Kristyn. She is a career mama and amazing Youtuber. I found her almost 4 years ago and have been rocking with her ever since. She inspires me so much from being a mom and a career woman to slaying the Youtube streets. I was so honored a few weeks ago that she invited me to her channel to share my knowledge of expertise of the budgeting realm. I jumped for the opportunity because I mean one, it's Kristyn and two, it‘s Kristyn! No seriously, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and this was the perfect way for us to collab.After my interview with her, I said "I think she needs to share her...

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