3 Steps To Financial Security

3 Steps To Financial Security

We are in Quarter 4 and its time to get our houses in order before the new year starts. It is time to create a plan for your financial security. Now more than ever we really need to make sure that start looking at our finances and seeing what we can do to become financially secure.

Step 1: Reduce/ Eliminate Debt

Create a plan that will identify your financial situation and how you eliminate or reduce debt. This will be your strategy for getting out of debt. See Get Out Of Debt Plan below.

Step 2: Stabilize Financial Situation

Once you have created your G.O.O.D Plan it is time to execute that plan so that you can stabilize your financial situation. Reducing expenses and increasing your income. Creating a balance between the two.

Step 3: Increase/ Build Assets

This is where you develop your Asset Building Plan. The ABP will be the financial plan that is going to help you create a financial plan for the future.

Check out this week's Financial Friday video where I talk about Financial Security and the importance of a home-based business.

Here is the worksheet for you to start creating a G.O.O.D Plan.

Don't let 2021 start and you are still in the same place you were in 2019! GO GET your financial security!



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