I'm Sorry Breonna...

I'm Sorry Breonna...

If you guys have been following me for a while, then you should know how heavy my heart is about the Breonna Taylor case since it started. Yesterday was my birthday and although a joyous occasion, there was still an overwhelming feeling of anger that her murderers were not even charged with her murder.

I felt sick to my stomach reading the headlines. For once I had just hoped that the reason they took 194 days to arrest her murderers was because they wanted an iron clad case. They wanted to make sure the charges would stick. I mean after all the Attorney General was a black man with a black mom and black siblings. Surely, this would be a case that we would see justice. Nope. Not all.

Reading that only one of the three officers was charged was heart breaking. Then to see the grand jury only indicted Hankison on three counts of wanton endangerment, soul crushing. They didn't even site Breonna as a victim! I could barely stand to be on social media long yesterday because I was infuriated! How are we supposed to believe in a justice system that never believed in justice for us?

Breonna Taylor was a black woman. Breonna Taylor was a daughter. Breonna Taylor was a sister. Breonna Taylor was a friend. Breonna Taylor was me. I see so may posts about her ex boyfriend and i'm appalled. Everyone acting like they don't have a past or haven't had dealings with someone who wasn't right. She had a whole new boyfriend and some of the commenters are still with their meth using, abusive, cheating husbands. Make it make sense.

Breonna, I'm sorry the system failed you. From the time they entered that "no-knock" warrant into the system, to entering your home and your boyfriend protecting you, to the amount of hours it took for them to tell your mom that you were deceased, to the 194 days that went by before they came to a decision. I'm sorry that it meant for them to pay off your family than to bring justice for you being murdered. I am sorry that the next door neighbors walls were valued more and received justice before you did. You mattered. You still matter!

So here I am doing research and trying to understand more about what it takes to get someone convicted of murder charges. It's time now to educate ourselves, our daughters, our friends. I'm tired. I don't know a better way to put it than I'M TIRED.

We have to continue to fight for justice! You have the power to help fight by voting for local policies and politicians that have the best interest for your community. Voting is more important now than ever! It isn't just about the President, your vote for local and state officials goes longer. If you haven't registered to vote, please click this link and get registered NOW! Your voice matters, use it! If you want to see change, be the change!

With all of that being said, it's ok to take a break from social media to process things. I am a black woman and to feel so unprotected by the ones that are supposed to protect us, just makes you want to go and hide. So take sometime to process all that is going on and detox. Don't subscribe to comment sections that are triggering. Don't give your peace and energy away to an empty argument. Protect you sis, because no one else will.


Chelle, A Black Woman Hurting

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