Elaine Michelle

I've traveled the world talking to women and men about how to create a lifestyle they want to live. I've held seminars, conference and one on one coaching sessions that led to sustainable business that endured a pandemic and changed their tax bracket.

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After graduating from Indiana University with a Telecommunications- Industry and Management degree, I moved to Memphis and spent most of my twenties in debt. A pivotal moment at age twenty-nine ,lead me to get serious about my finances and take control of my life.

Now as a single mom with a full time career, 7 streams of income, home owner, and luxury vehicle driver, I am showing others how to live their best lives through money management. I inspire to help other maximize their potential, turn their passions into streams of income, and live the life they dreamed of. It isn’t easy, it takes hard work, some sleepless nights, and dedication, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Through my social platforms I share my experiences as a single mom, career driven woman, entrepreneur, and coach. It is my hope that by sharing my passions, personal journey, struggles and experiences that i can help the previous, current, and future generations to achieve their goals…. On a budget of course!

Happy to have you here,