Self Care September: 30 Self Care Activities To Get You Back On Track

Oh September! How i've waited all year for you to arrive. This year has been a bit of a Diva but I am determined to take back the mic for my birthday month! It's time for Self Care September. I am declaring September 2020 to be the month of being selfish and taking care of you first. I hope the word selfish didn't scare you away, because you need to be a little selfish sometimes in order to take care of yourself.

So I hope that you will join me in participating in Self Care September. You can use the list I created below or create your own. Whatever you decide, TAKE CARE OF YOU! You will be no good to anyone else until you are good for YOU! Plus we will have 3 more months left in 2020 and we gotta be ready to come at 2021 with full armor.

If you add to the list make sure you share it below!

KK Bye!

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