Nail Addicts Unite!

Nail Addicts Unite!

Hey Bestie! You guys have been enjoying my DIY nail videos and tips. Nails have always been a passion of mine since I was wearing K-Mart Press-on nails. Now that I have my own nail shop at home, I love to discover new products not just for me but for the Bestie Squad too. I try to bring you affordable but quality products so that you can create the best experience at home.

I just talked to my Nail Addict rep and they are giving the Besties 55% off for the month of August. Yes, that's right 55% off of salon-quality gel polish. This nail polish is so pigmented, I literally did a set with one coat of the red and you couldn't see through it all. Here are a few pictures of the colors in action.

Your special code is: Michelle55

The code will expire on August 31st so be sure to take advantage of it before it expires.

You're Welcome!



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