Letter To My Younger Self

Letter To My Younger Self

As part of Self Care September, one of my tasks was to write a letter to my younger self. September is also my birthday month and usually around my birthday, I get deep in my feelings. It's always that feeling of getting older and maybe feeling like I should be further along than I am. This year I wanted to write a letter to my younger self to give her some encouragement. But honestly, this letter helped me with the things I am experiencing right now.

I wanted to share it here with my besties and hopefully, it inspires someone, motivates someone, or just helps someone through. So here's to the younger me and me now and me I'm growing into.

Dear Me-Me,

You may not understand it right now, but you are really amazing. You are so unique because your heart is pure in your desire to help others. Sometimes you doubt yourself because you are afraid of not being the best, stop that. Stop that! You have some amazing ideas that can create change for others around you.

I know that those girls bullying you, may have made you felt so angry inside, but don't allow that anger to harbor in you. You will miss out on making some amazing friendships if you do. Everyone has trauma in their lives that comes out in different ways. You could just be a trigger for someone. I'm not telling you to just accept people treating you like crap, but be understanding and move around so that you don't stunt your own growth.

Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself how fine you are. Stop looking at all of your flaws and look at how beautiful you truly are. That pimple that comes back is just hormones, drink more water! Enjoy your body at this stage, because you really aren't fat boo. You are just right for your body!

Open up about your feelings. No one will know you are going through anything if you don't say anything. Trust someone to tell everything, good, bad, and ugly. You need that release. It's more important than you know. You don't know it now but when you discover anxiety and depression, don't suffer in silence. Tell someone so you can work to heal.

Lastly, Lil girl, love people but love you a little more. No matter what chose you! Even if the choice may not look like what everyone else would do! That's the key to you being you and having no regrets. Be you! Be unapologetically you. Quirky, Firey, Loving, Silly... YOU! You are one of a kind and the people who are meant to be in your life will enjoy YOU!

Love your future self!


Have you ever wrote a letter to your younger self? Give it a try it is so healing and refreshing.

Love You Guys in real life!



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