Change Starts With US! We Have Raised $677 #BLM

Change Starts With US! We Have Raised $677 #BLM

Listen, you guys came through and let have. You showed up and showed out. I could seriously cry right now. Your hearts poured into something with purpose. We came together and have raised $677! I am so excited to be contributing to helping to create change.

I have taken several days to research and see exactly where our donation could be best used. Breonna Taylor stayed on my heart the entire time. As a woman, my heart was just heavy because it could have been me. It hit harder. So I prayed about it and I kept looking for organizations that spoke to what I believed in for this uprising: Education. I think that it is so important for us to educate each other. So many major organizations are getting lots of funding but I really wanted to give on a more local level.

I have decided to donate the proceeds to Assanta's Daughters. AD organizes young Black people in Chicago by providing them with political education, leadership development, mentorship, and revolutionary services. Their core beliefs aligned directly with what I have been preaching/teaching for ages. We can not truly move forward until we have educated ourselves. This isn't just for blacks, it is important that everyone educate themselves on the current laws and policies in place so that we can create effective change.

I am so excited to be able to donate to an organization that will benefit the community directly. I hope to support at least 3 organizations this year. When the hype has settled down, we have to remember that the grass roots organizations are still in need of our support as well. The work starts locally.

I have reached out to the organizations head and waiting to hear back from her as I would like to personally talk to her and get more information on things the organization may need or how we can start a charter organization. I will make sure to add the donation payment to my IG.

Again thank each and everyone of you for your donations. Please feel free to continue to donate. The fight for social justice doesn't stop here.

Talk to you soon



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