Amazon Prime Day 2022: Your Shopping Guide

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Your Shopping Guide


Prime Day 2022 is here! Ok so we are all well aware that Prime Day is actually two days, July 12th and 13th; which just means more days to save big on your favorites.

The key to Prime Day shopping, is to shop the essentials first and then the items you may not really need. I think I say this every year, but we miss out on some really great items, when we don't create a plan. How much money did you set aside for Prime Day this year? Did you create a plan? Did you create a list of items you need? Whatever the budget plan you created, use these days to truly maximize your savings.

Here are some categories that I would focus on: 

Wait do you have a Prime Membership? That's where you should start. You are missing out on some amazing deals if you aren't using Prime to shop on Amazon. Use this link to sign up for a free 30 Day Trial of Prime here

My Prime Day 2022 Favorite Deals:

As Prime Day continues,  I will be adding items to the list. So be sure to check back often for exclusive deals that may only come from me... wink wink.

Ring Alarm System

Most Alarm companies are charging you an arm and a leg to not only install but also a monthly monitoring fee. I switched to Ring when I purchased my house and it has been the vest $10 a month I have every spent. Installation took less than an hour and was super easy to follow the instructions. Now I did pay $300 for my system but you can get the 14 Pc set for just $199! This is the deal you don't want to sleep on. Stop overpaying and get a piece of mind rather you are home or not! 

Ring 14 Pc Alarm System

Home Decor

There are some great deals on all of your favorite must have home decor items. From pillows to wall paintings, you are sure to find that must have item during Prime day. I am most looking forward to adding some items for my bathroom and kitchen areas.


There is up to 75% off some of your favorite Alexa, Ring, and Blink Products. Trust me this is the time you want to get that doorbell, echo dot, or speaker you have been waiting for the price to drop.


If you have ever wanted to get started with Audible, now is the time. You get 3 months free using this link during Prime Day Take complete advantage of this deal for trial-eligible Prime members. You can sign up for an extended three month free trial of Audible, as well as receive three free titles!


Just in time for back to school. Check out some of these amazing deals to get the dorm room or your bathroom organized.


Calling all pet lovers. Here is your chance to stock up or add some great items for your fur baby. There is something for every pet, so make sure to take a look.

Virtual Experiences

Did you know you can take a virtual tour of some of the world's most exciting and sought after places? It is a real thing, and with the Prime Day deals, you are going to be saving big time. Check out some of the cool excursions you can take right from your living room. This is a great teaching experience for the kiddos too! Bring the adventure home to you!


Again, throughout the day, I will be adding items to the shopping list So go ahead and bookmark this page and follow my store so you won't miss any updates. 

Remember to shop responsibly! 



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