AliExpress Airpod Dupes

AliExpress Airpod Dupes

More than likely you are here from my video on Youtube. Due to some regulations it isn’t good for me to post the links to things like this on Youtube. I previously requested that people send me DMs on IG but that is becoming overwhelming trying to keep up with message requests. So here is a quick way for you to get them.

If by chance this is your first time seeing this info about the AirPod dupes, please take a minute to watch the video. The video goes into great detail and comparison between the real and the dupes. The airpods are still holding up in case you were wondering.

Ordering FYI (Please read)

As always most of my aliexpress links will be “hidden” links. This means that the link will show an item totally unrelated to the product. Depending on the item, you will be able to use the style to pick which item that matches your desired product.

Please never leave any bad feedback without trying to contact the seller first. Do not post pictures in your review. Here is the link:

here is the picture that shows up (again it’s a hidden link) as of 7/06/2020. I’ll try to keep it updated when possible in case it changes.



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